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Hey there, Lex here!

As some of you may or may not be aware, Glothlyn has been reset and the world is BETTER THAN EVER! There are so many new biomes and many more snowy biomes, so please feel free to dive in and explore!

For those of you who asked your homes to be schematiced, Juvi has done so. Now all that's left is for you guys to tell me where you want your homes and I will paste them for you. However, it's hard to tell HOW they are going to paste and some of you build incredibly large things, so when they paste over, you're going to have to clean up the areas around it. I do not have an issue giving you creative for a little while if you'd like to clean it up a bit - because I will not be doing it. I simply have no time, and I apologize.

In other news, I want to apologize that Juvi and I could not add any fun plugins for Halloween. It seems that no one wants to keep things updated for 1.10, and that's a bummer. However, we do have a Haunted House coming soon with a few mob spawners and there will be a corn maze Pac Man game for players to complete in for a uniqe prize.

Additionally, do not forget to submit scary stories and Halloween costumes for the contests we have going on right now! You could win some fun, major prizes for that as well!

As always, thank you guys for being with HeartillyCraft. You all mean a lot to us, I just wish we could do more.


P.S. If you guys find any fun plugins you'd like us to implement for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year, please post your suggestions to the comments below. Remember that they have to be Bukkit/Spigot and updated to 1.10, otherwise they will not work. Thank you for the help!






Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the HeartillyCraft giveaway! You all mean a lot to us. Juvi and I only wish we could have done more for more players, as you all deserve it.

To the winners, please pick your gift of choice and Juvi and I will arrange to get your gifts to you! Remember that if you are not comfortable with giving us your home address, you may choose one of the other two options.

Ashy_One 15$ worth on the donation store, please
Perplexing89 HailFire859 - You have been given $15.00 worth of Riot Points <3 Zebra__ is giving his gift to Kitty. It is in t...
Enderkid563 Could I get the $15 on the donation store?


Cakeageddon Where's shia labeouf :(


Perplexing89 posted Oct 1, 16

We are going to reset Glothlyn next weekend around noon:
Saturday - October 8th.

If you are a Glothlyn resident and would like to keep your build, please post your coords in the comments below. 


When we reset Glothlyn, Juvi will go to the coords and copy the build that's there.

If he cannot find it, we will not look for it.

When we have your build saved, we will reset Glothlyn and paste your build back over.

When the builds are pasted, the edges may be messed up.

Neither Juvi nor I will be fixing this - so please be prepared to do a little work around your build to get it back to the way it was.

Thank you,
Lex & Juvi

BalerionDread X: 5072 y: 5309 Depth: 49
Zyntrius My Glothlyn base is at (X - 5118; Z - 4329) I'm assuming they're being moved to the overworld? if so that wou...
supernerd2000 X: 1806, Z: 1113 Depth: 57
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