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Few Updates

Perplexing89 posted Sep 17, 16

Hey all, Lex here. I gave Juvi a very long list to work on tonight. Here are the results:

- Increased the mob breeding chunks from 25 to 35 for every 25 x 25 block radius.

- Increase the spawner spawn amount from 15 (or whatever it was set to) to 35. If we start getting lag again, we can bump it back down. But so far with the new plan and other things we implemented, the lag seems OK.

- Quest glitches. We checked for some updates... we have updated to the latest version, but we do not know if it will fix the current known issues or just create more... so let us know.

- Removed the censoring of bad words filter (because we don't have enough bad words in our lives). You're welcome.

- Donation perks should now work in Glothlyn.

- If you do not already have Optifine and want to see the "Fall" HeartillyCraft texture pack, install it. There is a guide here: Texture Pack Information

- We understand that there are some bugs in the Ultra Cosmetics. There is nothing we can personally do about it as we are not coders ourselves, so we will have to wait for a few updates. We apologize for the inconvenience. If something is not working, please feel free to ask for a refund.

- Mobs will now spawn at spawn. We did this so that people could use their donation perks at the spawn. We realize that spawn is a popular place and people would like to show off their perks. So enjoy! NOTE: Mobs will spawn at spawn and yes, they will drop exp, so please feel free to help clean the mobs out of spawn. (Spiders, Skeletons, Zombies, Witches and Withers will not spawn at spawn).

- Juvi has checked for a new /pfly command. He has found something, but we will test it more later. Hopefully it works.

- We have checked for updates regarding the “Deposit All/Withdraw All” button for Bankers plugin, since it occasionally doesn't work for some players. There was an update available, but we do not promise that it will fix anything. Please let us know of any issues.

- There will never be a /spawn for Glothlyn. /Spawn is an essentials plugin and there can only be one spawn command. I am sorry, but you guys will have to keep getting there by using the warps or your home points. Due to this, I will consider lowering the price.

- Right now, Glothlyn does not warp you guys into the Nether. That is because we are waiting on a plugin to update that goes along with the Glothlyn plugin. We do not know when it will be up to date, so please bare with us in the meantime. We apologize for the inconvenience.

- Players will no longer be allowed to use /suicide. 1) It's not nice or funny. 2) It is occasionally spammed. 3) People were using it as a work around to avoid paying to go back to Glothlyn. Sorry folks, but no more short cuts.

- Upon request, the /hat command has been added to the donation store for $5.00.

Lex's TO DO List

Perplexing89 posted Sep 15, 16

Hey everyone, Lex here.

I'd like to take a second to share with you the never ending list of things that I need to get done before specific times so you can see how incredibly busy I am lately and why I may not respond right away if you see me online. It's not that I am ignoring you, it's because I literally have a million things to do - some of which lock me in command chains for quests, etc.

1. Finish the Tourney Zone (needs to be done before January)

- Horse Race Track (half way complete)

- Archery Range (done, just need to give it another check over)

- Parkour Track (pretty much done, just need to set rules in place)

- Arena (done!)

- Grand Prizes for the Tourney Winners (Need to get them made and prepared)

2. Finish Holiday Event Areas (some things need to be done before specific holidays, obviously)

- Haunted House (in the works)

- Corn/Hay Maze

- Fall Decorations (done!)

- Halloween Decorations (coming soon!)

- Thanksgiving Decorations (coming soon!)

- Christmas Decorations (coming soon!)

- Tourney Decorations (coming soon!)

- Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Games/Events/Quests (need planning)

- North Pole (Might be a Glothlyn thing only)

- Other Contests...

3. Finish the Spawn Zone (This may possibly never end with how big the damn place is...)

- Arena (finished)

- Black Market (finished)

- Fishing Village/Port Town (in the making)

- Community Housing (done, but needs to be worked on more - I may let the community take care of the land... we will see)

- Add more Quests in general (far from complete as it is very tedious work)

- Finish the Unbreakable Shovel Quest (high priority)

- Possibly expand the shops area (maybe... low priority)

- More decorative heads need to be hidden... (somewhat high priority)

4. World Lore

- Has to be finished in general (high priority at this point)

- Lore books will be hidden all around the spawn (eventually)

5. Dungeons/Mobs

- Glothlyn will be home to most dungeons (hasn't even started yet... waiting on MythicMobs)

- Some mini dungeons will be around the spawn zone at the Sapphire Glade (still waiting on MythicMobs)

- Giants of Glothlyn (waiting on MythicMobs)

5. Glothlyn

- Biome Warps (coming soon)

- Custom /spawn for Glothlyn (going to try again eventually)

- Working on figuring out why players cannot warp to the Nether from Glothlyn

jeersolo Lex is great. Lex is good. Everyone should be like Lex.
BalerionDread Go Lex go! If anyone can do it, it's you!

Hey folks, Lex here!

Thanks to BusinessSkeleton for reminding me of the skin contest, it has finally bee posted here: You know what to do.

That said, September is a cool month because it prepares us for all the things to come. After all, the leaves are changing... the winds are blowing... and something is stirring amidst the Sapphire Glade!

Use September to prepare your food and crops! October will be here before you know it... and with it, ghosts and ghouls who will stop at nothing to destroy your crops. Should we all survive October, November will be a celebration in which we all get together to share in our spoils from the harvest - because as we all very well know, winter is coming, and we need to be ready...  

Cakeageddon 'After all, the leaves are changing... the winds are blowing... and something is stirring amidst the Sapphire Glade...

- HeartillyCraft Winners -

August's Top Voters:

1st Place - Baleriondread
Will receive a 10% job money and job exp boost as well as a 15% exp boost towards all McMMO skills!

2nd Place - Imaginaryprogram
Will receive a 10% job money and job exp boost as well as a 10% exp boost towards all McMMO skills!

3rd Place - Arwyn_
Will receive a 10% job money and job exp boost as well as a 10% exp boost towards all McMMO skills!

Thank you all so much for your support this August. It has helped tremendously!

Pop Quiz Winners:

1st Place - Baleriondread
Scored 24/26, earning $2,400 (at $100 per correct answer)

2nd Place - HailFire859
Scored 22/26, earning $2,200 (at $100 per correct answer)

3rd Place - Enderkid563
Scored 20/26, earning $2,000 (at $100 per correct answer)

4th Place - Crystal_Creeper_
Scored 19/26, earning $1,900 (at $100 per correct answer)

Sadly, since no one got all of the answers correct, there will be no $50,000 jackpot give away!
(I will post the correct answers to each of you later, so you can see what you got wrong.)

Thank you for participating!

Summertime Madness Skin Contest Winners:

1st Place - Pointyy/Buffyy
+1 Enchant book player's choice
+10 diamonds!

Pointyy and Buffyy had the cutest winning submission, so they will come in first place. However, the reward will still only be given to one player, as submissions are meant to only be one person entry, even though players may take group photos. (I realize I may not have been specific with this, so I apoligize! I will make sure this is explained better for the next contest. In the mean time, I hope you will share the reward!)

2nd Place - Enderkid563
+5 diamonds!

3rd Place - Crystal_Creeper_
+3 diamonds!

BalerionDread I know one of the questions I got wrong! But, I'm not sure what the other one is D;
HailFire859 When will we get the Pop Quiz answers >.<

Concerning Lag...

Perplexing89 posted Aug 31, 16

Hey all, Lex here. I'm sorry about the lag. A lot of players and entities is going to do that, but Juvi is trying to find a solution to the problem.

If you are reading this now at 11:00p.m. EST, the server will be back up in about 15 minutes. Juvi is looking at a few things.

Thank you for your patience and undertanding. 


I've changed a coupple of things to try and reduce the load on the CPU. Seems like we're having a lot of issues with entities not unloading and hoppers/redstone activations.

Hoppers have been set to activate every 3rd tick and only activate if there are 3+ items in them.

If this change messes with your guys' contraptions let me know.

I've also reduced the time in ticks between grabage collection. Server was set up to not unload any unused chunks unless others were loaded which could have been contributing to some of the lag. I've changed it so it dumps unused chunks regadless of new ones being loaded or not.

Thanks for your patience!


Perplexing89 25 mobs per 25 x 25 chunk when breeding animals/mobs. Spawners will only produce 25 mobs per spawner per 25 x 25 chunk....
mythicpencil Slitrobo, I've noticed that natural spawning of mobs and animals has been greatly reduced.
Slitrobo Is it possible slimes are being blocked from spawning now? I can't get any in my underground slime chunk or the swa...
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