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How Well Do YOU Know HeartillyCraft?

Perplexing89 @ HeartillyCraft
posted 11 hours ago

Greetings, fellow Heartillians! Lex here, bringing everyone a fun new challenge!



See how well you know your server! Here are the rules:

1) All of the information can be found either on the website, Reddit or Spawn in game!

2) For every answer you get correct, players will win $100.00

3) The player who gets ALL of the answers correct will win $50,000 in game money!

4) If there is more than one player who gets all of the answers correct, you and the other winners will split the money! SO DON'T CHEAT OR HELP EACH OTHER OUT IF YOU WANT THE JACKPOT FOR YOURSELF! ;) Or, if you're feeling friendly, work with your friends to split that jackpot!

5) DO NOT REPLY HERE! Message ME, Lex, Perplexing89, your completed answers and I will grade them.

6) This Pop Quiz ends on SEPTEMBER 1st (thank you, Kalose!) so get your answers in NOW!

7) The Bonus Question gets one point no matter the answer - but if it's funny or good enough, it may get double the points!


1) Can you list all of the HeartillyCraft skin contests that there have ever been?

2) Can you list at least 5 of HeartillyCraft's current (and/or previous) Helpers?

3) How do you tame a horse?

4) How much money does the Thief charge to get into the Black Market?

5) What city is the server based out of?

6) What do the initials G O N E stand for?

7) What genre of music trivia does Lex do once a week?

8) What is Juvi's full username?

9) What is Juvi's real first name?

10) What is Lex's full username?

11) What is Lex's real first name?

12) What is the "HeartillyCraft Texture Pack" a mix of?

13) What is the exact date that the server opened to the public?

14) What is the Advanced Achievement players earn when they login to HeartillyCraft for the first time?

15) What is the name of the Coachman located outside the Spawn building?

16) What is the name of the second overworld in HeartillyCraft?

17) What is the name of the Spawn zone?

18) What is the number one rule of the Black Market?

19) What is the number one rule of the server?

20) What month does the HeartillyCraft Tourney take place?

21) What state is Juvi and Lex from?

22) What tool do you use to check your claimed area?

23) What tool does HeartilyCraft's Grief Prevention use to claim land?

24) Who is the server named after?

25) Will Lex ever be finished with her "To Do" list?

BONUS QUESTION: What is the dumbest thing Lex has ever said or done?

Perplexing89 @ HeartillyCraft
LOL Thank you! It has been fixed.
kalose SEASONED i am no good at quizzez but thought to point out 6) This Pop Quiz ends on August 1st<<<&lt...

Big THANK YOU & Updates!

Perplexing89 @ HeartillyCraft
posted Tue at 8:37


Vote Parties will no longer give random items. Instead, they will now give the chance to win Crate Keys!

Crate Keys can be used to unlock hidden chests around the Sapphire Glade (Spawn). Chests are easy to find, as they will be glowing with green particles. Different chests will give you different things. For example:

Stolen Chests from the Black Market will give you a chance to win rare items while the Sweets Crates hidden around the Spawn building will give you "sweet" items, like cake, cookies, pie, golden apples/melons/carrots, etc.

We plan on having a Potions Crate, Fishing Crate, Supply Crate, Fireworks Crate, Enchanted Crate, Nether Crate, Ender Crate and an Egg Crate. But if you guys have suggestions, please feel free to share them with us!

To use a key on a crate, simply hold the key in your hand and right click the crate. It will open a GUI menu for you and randomly select a "prize" for you to win.

As I said, you can earn Crate Keys by initiating vote parties - but there will also be rare quests that give Crate Keys. I will also start giving them away to those who enter Skin Contests and other Holiday Events! 


Just wanted to give a shoutout to our donators for helping us reach ABOVE and beyond our monthly goal for August! It really means a lot to us and will help A TON in making the server a better place for everyone. I haven't gotten to know many of the newer players on a more personal level yet, but as soon as I finish up a few important things around spawn, I will hop into Discord with you guys to say hello.

Also, thank you to everyone who plays on HeartillyCraft. Your loyalty and love (even if it's sometimes tough) is humbling. It might be hard some days trying to make everyone happy, but in the end you're all worth it.

Again, thank you for making the server a fun place to be. See you all in game!

- Lex

AutoSort & Claims

Perplexing89 @ HeartillyCraft
posted Sun at 13:21

Players may toggle autosort inventory and chests on or off by typing:

/AutoSort Chests

/AutoSort Inventory

Our claim system has also changed. New players will have 500 claim space by default and earn 50 per hour. All players may now buy ($150.00) or sell ($75.00) claim space per block by typing:

/BuyClaim [Amount]

/SellClaim [Amount]

All players are grandfathered into their old claim amounts. 

Thank you,

Short Hiatus & What's Coming

Perplexing89 @ HeartillyCraft
posted Aug 16, 16

Hey everyone, Lex here!

As you all know, all I do is no-life Minecraft and the server; and with the latest plugin we just installed (banks) and the new penalty and a few other things being waited on, I've decided to take a short break (No Man Sky just came out, so Juvi and I have been enjoying ourselves doing something new). 

This is in NO WAY me saying that I'm leaving, quitting or giving up on the server. It's just a short "vacation" if you will; so don't panic. I will probably hop on and off once in a while to check on things and you know you guys are always welcome to Facebook, text and/or mail me if you're out of the country.

That said, here is what we are currently waiting on in order to move forward:

Updated Jobs - New jobs are being worked on as we speak. I have two players (Kalose and Arwyn_) helping out. I expect it to be finished no later than September 20th, so thank you all for your patience on that.

MythicMobs - This plugin has yet to be updated to 1.10. It is unclear at this time whether or not the plugin is just having a hard time due to the update or if it has been abandoned... I'll give it another month; and then it might be time to move forward with another custom mob generator.

McMMO - There are a lot of issues with McMMO since the update to 1.10. Like MythicMobs, it is unclear whether or not this will ever be 100%. Right now, parties keep disbanding for seemingly no reason, some jobs with potions, enchanting and repair isn't working properly and there are other bugs/glitches with it. I know you guys don't want to hear this, but we may be switching to another plugin that's just like it - if not better - than McMMO. (I forget the name of it right now, but Juvi knows what it is and tells me it even has XP bars that shows your skill progress.)

Player Housing Area - At this time, I am in a creative slump... but it will get done. I have plans to have a few players help me out with this very soon.

More Quests - I'm working on it. I have a list of quests to create; it's just finding the time and patience to get them done. It requires my full attention, which is hard when I have people trying to talk to me (because I get stuck in a command chain). So if/when you see me online and I am not talking, it's not that I'm ignoring you - it's just me working on things and I will get to you as soon as I can.

Other than those things, if there is anything that I have missed or need to get done for you guys right away, please let me know and I will do my best to get to it ASAP. You guys are wonderful and I can't tell you how happy I am that you choose Heartilly. Without you guys, there is no server. You guys literally make all the hard work worth it.

Thank you guys - we will talk soon!


Perplexing89 @ HeartillyCraft
posted Aug 12, 16


Players will now lose 50% of their money upon death - unless they have below $151.00 on them (to do one /back to grab your things if needed). That means if you have $100,000 on you when you die, you will lose $50,000.

You are advised to use the banks, located where the old Item Warehouse used to be.

Players will still lose 100% of their EXP upon death, but at least you can store it at the banks now.

Banks are located at the Sapphire Cathedral where the Item Warehouse used to be. Click on a banker to deposit or withdraw items, money or EXP.

NOTE: Bankers will also be available at the Player Housing area as soon as it is finished. :)
NOTE: Bankers will be in many towns soon, not just the Sapphire Cathedral.

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